DEEP BLUE is a true ocean-going yacht, with long-term accommodation for four, capable of being handled by a crew of two.

The yacht features an easily-driven, low-displacement slender hull,  to provide fast passage-making - at the same time requiring a relatively small sail area which is easier to handle for a small crew. 

Construction is in red cedar strip-planking and epoxy resin. The scantlings satisfy American Bureau of Shipping requirements for structural strength.

The interiors are subdivided in six watertight compartments for maximum survivability in case of a collision in open sea. They include a raised watch station providing all-round visibility.

The 700 liters fresh water capacity can be transferred between two side tanks to act as water ballast and reduce heel. The tanks are kept at top level by a water-maker.

The sail plan is cutter-rigged to provide flexibility in any weather.

The staysail is self-tacking for ease of handling in fresh wind conditions.

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In 2007, Deep Blue 48 was selected as Second Runner-Up in the Yacht Design Competition organised by the american magazine Cruising World and the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology.  The judging panel included yacht designers of the caliber of Rod Johnstone (creator of all the J-boats) and Bruce King, (who designed many classic superyachts like Whitefin, Hetairos, Alejandra, Antonisa...)

  Selected comments from the judges:

"I like the concept - narrow, easily driven, short rig, shallow draft" 

Rod Johnstone

"nicely proportioned design with pleasant relationships between the visual masses"                                                                                           Bruce King
"reasonable size, practical features, original thought."            
Bob Johnson
"Nice attractive profile, good presentation"                        
Westlawn Group







Length - Overall

 14.35 m

Length - Waterline

 13.50 m


 3.76 m


 1.78 m

Design Displacement

 9200 Kg

Sail Area: Mainsail

 46.3 m2

Sail Area: Headsail

 36.1 m2

Sail Area: Staysail

 19.8 m2

Sail Area: Gennaker

 110 m2

Fresh water capacity

 700 lt. normal cruising (max. 1400 lt.)

Fuel capacity

 460 lt.

Black water tank

 120 lt.

Main Engine

 67 HP Perkins Sabre M65


 22 MAX-Prop three-blades feathering











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