Pleisure boats inspired to the North American East-Coast lobster fishing boats are becoming increasingly common.

It's easy to see why:  

their hulls are fast and seaworthy at the same time;

their classic lines convey the image of a craft made for the sheer pleasure of boating, as opposed to the tendency - often seen in production fiberglass boats -  to cram the impossible in a given hull length.


This preliminary design is a small cruiser for family outings and fishing trips.

It has a deep "V" hull for good seakeeping. 

For simplicity and economy of installation, the engine is a single inboard diesel, 150-170 Hp, with integrated "Z"-drive transmission.  Volvo or Yanmar provide these units as a complete package.

Target cruising speed is around 20 Knots. 

There is a large, low-level cockpit with access to the transom for fishing.  

Overnight accommodation is provided for up to four adults, by converting the saloon settee and extending the forward "V" berth.


Hull Length

 7.5 m


 2.5 m

Draught (drive down/up)

 0.7/0.4 m

Air Draught

 2.1 m







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